Visiting the Best Pictures (2011 Nominees): Part Two

Maybe you'll never get a star on the sidewalk or find a swarm of paparazzi outside your door, but with the information we've gathered, you can visit and play in the places movies were made.

The list below features movies up for the 2011 "Best Picture" Academy Award.

Nominated Film: The King's Speech

Where it was filmed: Around London.

Where you can go: Pack a lunch and take a paddle boat out in Hyde Park, London.

Nominated Film: The Social Network

Where it was filmed: Los Angeles, Baltimore, Massachusetts, and England

Where you can go: Pasadena Museum of History

Nominated Film: Toy Story 3

Where it was filmed: Well... Pixar Studios is located in Emeryville, California.

Where you can go: Go for a jog, walk the dog, or just enjoy the views at Marina Park in Emeryville, near Pixar Studios.

Nominated Film: True Grit

Where it was filmed: Austin, Blanco, Granger, and Santa Fe. 

Where you can go: Take a stroll through Granger, Texas, where most of the movie's "town" scenes were shot; kids will enjoy the local park.

Nominated Film: Winter's Bone

Where it was filmed: Branson and Forsyth, Missouri.

Where you can go: Hills and water are what make the Ozarks famous. You'll find both at Table Rock State Park.