Indoor Skateboarding and More: Two Cents with SkaterMom!

Every week, we invite interesting people from all walks of life to share their "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format we think you'll enjoy!

This week's Two Cents comes from Chris of, a Mom's Guide to Skateboarding! helps moms who have children interested in skateboarding, provides the answers to skateboarding’s most basic questions, as well as other things moms need to know. Chris's Two Cents:
What do you consider an Underrated Skate Park?
I would consider any prefabricated skate park to be the most underrated. These are parks built from metal instead of traditional wood or cement. These parks do have their difficulties maintaining. And it’s also true, like with all skate parks, the most important thing is the design. But if done properly, they offer a very smooth and fast surface to skate on. Everything usually grinds and slides really well and they also make a very different sound when skating on them that I like a lot. For the Austin and surrounding areas I would consider Texas Ski Ranch to be one of these underrated skate parks.
What do you consider an Overrated Skate Park?
In my eyes, there is no such thing as an overrated skate park. Everyone skates a little different and such, like skating different things. So if someone is hyping up a particular skate park, then it must offer something they find fun and challenging. Odds are that others may too! 
What would you say to those people who view skate parks (and the skaters who skate there) through a negative stereotype? 
Please reconsider! Skate parks give skaters a safe place to skate. Without them, they’re forced to the dangerous city streets and sidewalks. Skateboarding is an amazing sport with so many positive attributes. Not only is it getting our children off the couch and away from computers, cell phones and ipods, but it’s also a great fun-to-do exercise! 
What's a local business that could use some love?
The Austin Skateboarding Club! -It gives skaters a place to belong. It's a place where they can skate together, make friends, and have fun learning under the supervision of professionals! 
What would you say is an underrated online parenting resource?
One I visited recently that I really liked was A very cool site designed to teach children curriculum-based content through fun animation! They even have a free trial so check 'em out!
What's your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
A trip to Capital Skate Park! The only indoor skate park in Austin. The staff there is awesome and the park has lots to offer.
Share an underrated blog on your website:
Based on view statistics, I would have to say “What should I look for in a good helmet?” would be the winner. It has received substantially less “views” than the rest and I hope it doesn’t mean everyone is skating without a helmet. It’s the most important piece of protective gear you should wear. 
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Chris! For more information on skating and more, be sure to check out Read more Two Cents interviews here.
                                                  Skating without a helmet? Uh oh...