Phoenix Zoo Review by wjmeidlinger


Ok so I give the zoo five stars and it is so long as you try not to compare it to other zoos. :) The zoo has alot to offer and I go probably three to four times a month. We take the kids around to see all the animals, and always run into a peacock or two roaming the area. There is an exhibit that you can go into a small monkey enclosure, an aviary that is open and you can sit and watch the birds. They have recently and still currently made some upgrades to the park, one that is most impactful on my life is the kids area on the far west of the zoo. There is a petting zoo with goats and cows, turkeys and horses for the kids to get up close and see. Don't touch though. There is also a covered play area, not big, but has picnic tables and covered by trees for those who need to stop and have a snack. There are bathrooms and concessions throughout. They also have a killer splash pad!



Best Things About This Park

Animals, splash pad, petting zoo

Things I Would Change

right now there is a lot of construction, but that will change once the zoo renovation is complete