Lockett Meadow Review by greatparks


This is a beautiful spot with limited campground sites, no water, and trails into the inner basin of the San Francisco Peaks.

The site is so high in elevation that you feel like you're in Colorado - there are aspen groves, pine trees, and cold winds all around.

Be aware that there is no water at this campground, and the restrooms are simple pit toilets. Also, the camp sites are first come, first serve - and they fill up quickly.

The dirt road that takes you up here is passable with a passenger car in good conditions, but it winds around without guard rails for a good stretch - be cautious!



Best Things About This Park

Beautiful mountain scenery.

Things I Would Change

Difficult to get a campsite; no water available.

Cool Things Nearby

Sunset Crater National Monument "down the hill"; and the Bonito campground there is more convenient (though less amazing).