Little Stacy Park Review by kimberlychapman


This is a nice little park tucked away in the Travis Heights area of Austin. And by "tucked away" I mean "hard to find the first time you go". It's trapped in a labyrinth of twisting streets that are partially unidirectional, so be sure to consult Google maps before your first visit and give yourself extra time to miss the street and end up having to double-back.

But once you're there, it's a great place. It has a wading pool during the summer (although occasionally shut down by plumbing problems or failure of lifeguards to show up on time), swings, multi-part playscapes, and lots of running around space. Most of it is tree-shaded, including the wading pool, so it's great on hot summer days.

The playscape is definitely geared to smaller kids, with lower platforms and short slides, but does have some fun unusual features to challenge them and keep older kids entertained, such as the moving blocks on poles.

The park is usually populated by playgroups who have met up there, so it's a good place to meet other moms if you're new in town and willing to go up to a group with similar-aged kids and introduce yourself. The group mindset also makes it fabulously social for the kids because there's an informal sharing rule when it comes to toys: if you bring it, be prepared to share it, and you get to share other people's stuff too. All of this makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. Little kids learning sharing seem to get into the spirit more when they get to use others' stuff!

If the playground was at least partially enclosed to help contain wee ones, I'd give this park five stars.

Oh, and beware of genius squirrels. I wish I was kidding. I have seen squirrels at this park jump out of trees to picnic tables, get ziplocked bags of crackers out of mamas' bags, open sliding zippers, steal a cracker, and be up the tree again before the mama could react. Bring your picnic in lidded containers!



Best Things About This Park

Shaded playscape, great wading pool

Things I Would Change

Wading pool too frequently closed.