Centennial Park Review by Beaucee Panz


When I was planning a visit to Nashville, the friend I was going to see said, "we must go to the Parthenon." I was from the Chicago area where there's a restaurant by that name, so I thought it must be a place to eat gyros.

I was wrong.

Centennial Park has a replica of the Parthenon and you can actually see it from the street as you drive by. It's on a hill, just like the real thing. It's in much better condition, from what I understand (never having been to Greece).

Nashville's Parthenon was constructed for the Centennial Exposition in 1897 and was originally intended to be a temporary structure. It has been rennovated to be more permanent and serves as an art musem, today. Sadly, the museum wasn't open when I was there.

Centennial Park is a large and beautiful park near downtown Nashville and is home to many events and festivals.



Best Things About This Park

The Parthenon