Reviews for Sugar Land Town Square

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This is where many community events are held and it is right in the middle of some of the best shopping. Nice and clean.

The community events.

Charming Charlie.

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Right in front of City Hall seems like an awkward place for a meeting place/gathering. Yet many events and outings are held here...

A place for events.

Needs more to entertain the children.

The Japanieros is delicious!

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All kinds of events are held here. And there is shopping to your heart's content. A good gathering space.

Almost feels like you're in a city.

Shopping and eating.

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Kristen C

Beautiful square with many options for eating and drinking. Makes me proud to be a Texan.

All the restaurants and the people watching.

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Less a park than a gathering place, it's a nice place to meet up. Family friendly too though.

Gathering place

All the stores

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It's pretty fun to walk around the fountain. It doesn't have anything else though. There are a lot of restaurants around it though.

It's fun to walk around the fountains.

It doesn't have anything besides the fountain for kids.

It has a lot of restaurants. The ice cream parlor closed earlier when we went though.

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