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This is Nashville's premier dog park. I recommend it.

Dog Park Heaven.

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Parthenon Park!

I call this the Parthenon park because there truly is a giant replica of the Parthenon in the middle of the park...

There's really a Parthenon replica in the middle of the park. How surreal is that?

Restrooms -- no good

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It seems there is always music in this park, at least on the weekends. There's a special musicians corner but don't limit yourself....


I don't understand why they built a replica of the Parthenon here.

You tell me.

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Beaucee Panz

When I was planning a visit to Nashville, the friend I was going to see said, "we must go to the Parthenon." I was from the Chicago area...

The Parthenon

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Centennial Park is everything you would want a park to be. All kinds of trails and scenery to gawk at. Places for your kids or for your...

Great park.

All kinds of places by the Vanderbilt campus.

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Real nice park with the Parthenon, music corner, events, dog park, trails.

Music, dog park


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