Top 12 Parks Along Interstate 8

Road Trip Guide to Parks Along I-8

Interstate 8 cuts across the desert borderlands between San Diego and Casa Grande, Arizona, where it connects to I-10 for easy access to Phoenix or Tucson.

Quick Guide to Los Angeles Parks

Just moved to Santa Monica and wondering where the tennis courts are? Visiting Pasadena and want to find a trail for a run? Long-time resident looking for a splash pad in Burbank?

Quick Guide to Beaches and Parks in Santa Barbara

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Top 10 Parks Along I-10 (Los Angeles to Phoenix)

Find a great park along I-10!

If you're traveling with a family along Interstate 10, you may find yourself wanting (or needing!) to stop for a picnic, take a short break from driving, or just to let the kids run around. To help, we've identified ten of the best parks along Interstate 10 between the Pacific Ocean and Phoenix, Arizona. Your road trips will never be the same!

San Diego Team Sports Parks: Racquetball, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and more!

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