Six Tire Swings in Greater Phoenix Playgrounds

One of our goals at is to be a place where you can find exactly what you're looking for in a park near you. Whether it's a skate park or a dog park, or even a planetarium, makes it easier than ever before to find the perfect park for you.

For our four-year-old daughter, this has recently meant finding a park with a tire swing. So to help out any other parents who might be in a similar boat, we decided to list 6 Playgrounds with Tire Swings in Greater Phoenix. From north to south:

  1. Sonrisa Park in North Scottsdale is a small, quiet neighborhood playground rated 3.2 stars. In addition to the tire swing, there's also a spigot that shoots out water so you can make sand castles!
  2. Daley Park in Tempe, rated 2 stars. One reviewer wrote, "Really leaves something to be desired."
  3. Freestone Park in Gilbert, rated 5 stars, offers much more than just a tire swing. With a train, carnival rides, lakes, sports fields and more, Freestone is one of the best parks in the East Valley. In the words of one reviewer, "Something GREAT for everyone!"
  4. Hanger Park in South Tempe is rated 4 stars. This park is larger than Sonrisa or Daley Parks, with multiple athletic fields in addition to the playground area.
  5. Cosmo Park in Gilbert, rated 5 stars, has an excellent small playground as well as what one reviewer calls the "Best dog park I've ever seen."
  6. Desert Breeze Park in Chandler, yet another 5 star park, features a splash pad, train, carousel, and more. In the words of one local mom, "This park has it all."

                Tire swings -- one of mankind's greatest inventions!

Do you know of any tire swings we may have missed, either in Phoenix or elsewhere? Just let us know -- we'd love to hear from you!

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