Learning to Read, Playing in Streams: Two Cents with Lynn Kertell of Bob Books!

Every week, we invite interesting people from all walks of life to share their "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format we think you'll enjoy!

This week's Two Cents comes from Lynn Kertell, author and offspring of BobBooks.com, a wonderful series of books for children taking their first steps into reading. With Bob Books, over 4 million kids can say with pride, "I read the whole book!"®  Lynn's Two Cents:
Our children loved learning to read with the Bob Books. Were there by any chance any parks or playgrounds that inspired any of the Bob Books?
Although Bob Books stories do not reference any particular park, they often take place outside, I think mostly in the back yard. Fortunately Mat and Sam seem to live in a place with good weather. 
What do you consider an Underrated Park (in Seattle, Washington)?
My favorite park is the creek at the south end of Golden Gardens. Kids make dams on the stream all day, every day, all summer. You can take an ice cream break at the bathhouse, or jaunt out of the park for fish-n-chips. It's definitely been "discovered," but it's so great its worth braving the (small) crowds. 
What do you consider an Overrated Park?
Wild Waves. Crowded, commercial, dirty, expensive. I don't know if it even really qualifies as a park. 
What's a local business that could use some love?
Kids on 45th, a used kids clothing store. Nice quality, good prices, and a gate to keep your kid from wandering off while you're shopping. 
What would you say is an underrated online parenting resource?
ParentMap, with kid and parent resources local to the Northwest, and Red Tricycle has lots of local activities and events on the west coast.

What's your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
We have lots of rainy days in Seattle, and my family often goes out to: Zoomazium! It's worth getting a zoo membership just so you can go any time. Great indoor play room, 3-story slide inside a tree, and a separate small kid area. Also, neighborhood community centers have great play times, with very low prices. (Mine: Ballard Community Center)  
Share an underrated blog on website:
I'll share three:
  1. Teaching Reading... with Bob Books: this web site has wonderful, step-by-step directions to guide you in teaching reading.  
  2. Thingamababy: I really like this guy's parenting style, sense of humor, way of being with his kids.
  3. Playgrounddad: What is it about Dads? Here is another cool Dad web site.
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Lynn! If you know a child who is learning how to read, be sure to check out Bob Books! They worked their magic with the ParkGrades kids!

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I have a friend who visits her grandchildren in Seattle. Maybe she can take advantage of these places the next time she visits. Thanks for this great Two Cents series, ParkGrades!