Harvard, Cardboard Boxes, and Great Tutors: Two Cents with Aaron Harris, CEO of Tutorspree

Today, we're proud to announce "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format that we think you'll enjoy -- and learn from!

Today's Two Cents comes from Aaron Harris, CEO of Tutorspree. Aaron's Two Cents:

What is Tutorspree?
Tutorspree is an online marketplace that helps parents find great tutors for their kids. We built it based on real problems for real parents. All of our tutors are vetted to make sure they're high quality. Parents can sort and filter tutors by the feedback they've received, the price, location, and subject. We make it easy to schedule a lesson and pay with credit card. We got rid of anything unnecessarily complex to let parents do what they want without wasting any of their very precious time.
And what's your background?
Harvard grad who was born and raised in Jersey. I spent four years working in finance in NY before I realized that I wanted to be solving problems with technology. Importantly, I wanted to solve problems that matter. There are huge problems in education right now, and Tutorspree is our effort to tackle a growing piece of that puzzle: supplementary education and tutoring.
Tutorspree came out of our (myself and my cofounders) own experiences trying to find tutors back in high school, and from seeing friends that were teachers trying to find jobs and pay the bills during the recession and the ensuing budget cuts at schools.
What would you consider an Underrated Park or Trail?
I'd have to go with The River Road in Jersey just across from Manhattan (and a minute from my hometown in Englewood, NJ). It comes with great views of the city, the GW Bridge, and a killer hill that will get you in serious riding shape in no time flat.
And an Overrated Park or Trail?
The Grand Canyon. I mean, it's just a big hole in the ground, right? Ok, kidding. I love the Grand Canyon. I was there when I was six and I still remember how incredible it was.
Give a shout out to a local business that could use some love...
Ost Cafe in the East Village in Manhattan. Great coffee, excellent music selection, and a super nice staff. It's also where I was spending a ton of time when we hatched Tutorspree.
What's an underrated online parenting resource?
Tutorspree! Seriously, we're doing some really innovative things to crack the problems parents have with finding tutors. It's amazing how happy they are after using the site, which makes us really happy. Try it out and tell us what you think.
What are your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
My nieces and my nephew seem to really enjoy playing with large cardboard boxes. I totally get that.
Share an underrated blog on website...
Rurally Screwed. Jesse Knadler is an awesome writer, and tells a great story.
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Aaron! For more from Aaron, find him at Tutorspree.com.
Even at Harvard...           Cardboard Boxes are Fun!
                               Even at Harvard...                                            Cardboard Boxes are Fun!

Not in my area yet

Looks like that site is focused on big cities only. I liked the link to Rurally Screwed. It reminds me of an updated Green Acres.