Five Year Old Designs iPhone App: Two Cents with Jeff Ward, Creator of

Every week, we invite interesting people from all walks of life to share their "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format we think you'll enjoy!

This week's Two Cents comes from Jeff Ward, creator of and the DJ Baby iPhone app. Jeff's Two Cents: is an awesome way to share a child's progress toward a goal with long-distance relatives -- is it your first startup?
My first two "little startups" are Anim (age 5) and Everin (18 months). We live in the Victoria area, on Vancouver Island in Canada.
My "other" startup is, a web-based sitebuilder for web designers and their clients. When I'm not hacking on YikeSite, I have several other parent-related side projects such as and DJ Baby (iPhone app).
What would you say is an underrated park in the Victoria area?
And an overrated park?
I can't think of one.
What would you consider an underrated online parenting resource?
Twitter! Search by hashtag on #parenting or #kids and you can get some good finds. Also, there are some parenting lists you could find to follow. I have one list I am starting to add to at
What's your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
Hacking on iPhone apps with my 5-year-old!
That… or raiding our extensive supply of arts & crafts. I make a wicked paper airplane out of construction paper!
Share an underrated blog on website...
I've been really starting to read more content from in the last little bit.  Also, TED has a few gems on parenting.
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Jeff! For more from Jeff, you can find him at And be sure to check out -- it's really cool!